Movie magic, made locally.


The founding story of TEKSYN Projects, LLC, begins in the summer of 2015, when Gershom Reese Wetzel (GRW) sees Terminator: Genisys and is inspired to write a feature-length fan film based on The Terminator films. Nine days later, his script of 114 pages is complete. Looking for a critic, he sends the script to his friend John-Marc Stanley (JMS); three days later, JMS replies, "We're doing this."

Our Story

Discussions of how to move forward ensue, including the idea of crowdfunding. But with no film credits of their own to their name (besides credits as extras in zombie movies), the two elect to create a fan film short that will help pitch the fan feature and appropriately cut their teeth in indie/fan filmmaking. INFILTRATOR is born and, with the help of local actors, friends, and family, the short begins filming in January of 2016. Time and talent are donated and filming is scheduled around everyone's availability. The filming of the film itself with all its behind-the-scenes moments and between-shoots asides is a tale worth telling on its own, but at length INFILTRATOR wraps in October 2016 and enters post-production.

The series of shoots is an ambitious and fantastic experience, working with many local DFW talents* and independent filmmakers such as Paul Kepner, Jorge Nuñez, and Fred Keel (look them up; they're fantastic)!


Gershom Wetzel, Sylvia Stanley, Randy Stanley, Amber Woodard, Austin Woodard, John-Marc Stanley


The TEKSYN family, about 40 strong in cast, crew, and camera, officially forms an LLC, with Austin and Amber Woodard, and Randy and Sylvia Stanley joining the team as founding members.

Meanwhile, the rough cut of INFILTRATOR -- a satisfying 28 mins and 28 seconds -- shows on NYE 2017; all present affirm the work, and enter a final waiting period as audio mastery by Mitch Tennison and final digital FX by Carl Pinson are added to the cut.

*We had the privilege and pleasure of working with Cody Daniel (prior to SAG status), Kelsie Key, Danny Irland, Stephen P, Bouldin, Kyle Sims, Jennifer and Tommy Ngo, Ryan Mann, Grace Auten, Kiel Williams, Gage Joyce, Nicole Holt, and Kyla Burns, to name a few.

TEKSYN Projects, LLC, is a DFW, Texas based film production/development company, with emphasis on launching aspiring talent (both in front of and behind the camera) into their dreams of acting and filmmaking.