Movie magic, made locally.
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TEKSYN Projects is an organization that believes in artists and their art. We believe that there's more to someone's efforts than the box of standardization.

As industries come to rely on artists of all kinds, we've seen that artists and their products are typically regarded with a different esteem than others, and we disagree with their perspective.

Our goal is to develop a network of "starving... artists" and work with them to develop their skills, their art, their products and marketability, as well as instill in them core values of protecting themselves and their intellectual properties.

We don't believe you need to move to the East or West coast to pursue being an actor. We don't believe you have to centralize yourself in one place to pursue any industry. We believe if artists come together from their respective industries they stand a fighting chance of building something more than the sum of their individual contributions. By sharing resources and networking within the local community, artists can accomplish incredible things, which you will see consistently from TEKSYN Projects.

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